806 — Bitch Please…


Ukranian beauty Mya just destroyed Chadam and is looking for a female conquest this time. She challenges another newcomer Rain to a facesitt […]

807 — GIA vs TARA The Big Showdown – Part1


Gia has decided that it was time to have at Tara, and vice versa. Both girls were eager yet nervous to wrestle on another, but both will not […]

808 — GIA vs TARA The Big Showdown – Part2


Gia has decided that it was time to have at Tara, and vice versa. Both girls were eager yet nervous to wrestle on another, but both will not […]

CMX452 — How do u like that shit?


Michelle is a sexy wrestler with a flawless body and a love for sitting on a mans face. She spends most of the match on this poor guys face. […]

801 — Emma vs Sam


Heated Rivals! […]

802 — The Blond Dominator


Tara was rudely challenged one day by Sam when they were both here to do a shoot, so Tara arrogantly agreed to do it. Tara is taller but the […]



Newcomer Mya, the Ukranian beauty takes to the facesitting game like you wouldn’t believe. She sits her plump, sexy ass all over his face an […]

CPL600 — Cher vs Jlynn


Have you ever imagined the two cutest cheerleaders at your high school pitted against each other in a wrestling match? Then sit back and enj […]

CPL0001 — Andrea vs Selina Facesitting Match! 30 Minutes long!!!

Andrea wants another crack at giant slayer Selina but within 30 seconds Selina is sitting on her face. Andrea shows great determination and […]

CPL04 — Tag Team Affair


Melanie and Christel take on Natasha and Melissa in a no-holds-barred tag team wrestling match! These 4 combatants seem like week girls as t […]

CPL150 — Christel VS Danielle


What is the single most humiliating hold that can be used in female amateur wrestling? The reverse schoolgirl pin/facesit!! Christel, in tin […]

AC01 — Christel vs Sonia – Wind Pants Match


Christel and Sonia finally bring their rivalry out of the basement. Christel’s cool and in charge early on. but sonia takes every chance she […]

CMX61 — Pink Bottom Male Beatdown


How would you like to have a sexy blond in a tiny bikini and halter top wrestle you to the ground and plant her sexy round butt on your face […]

CMX1621 —


Shanya the sexy, powerful, and athletic facesitter is ready to tear chadam apart in all ways possible. Chadam actually gets the upper hand i […]

CPL703 — Christel vs (new) Mel


Do you want to see two hot, young girls go at it? Then this is for you!! Christel and Danielle give their all in this incredible match. Clad […]

AF26 — Take His Breath Away!


Toni really takes her facesitting domination to a new level in this encounter. She takes his breath away in some serious forward and reverse […]

CPL990 — Lovely Limbs – Melissa VS Sophy!


Soft, sexy, and shapely thighs await you in this amazing wrestling match! Melissa, in blue, goes up against Sophy, in pink, in what can only […]

CMX1694 — Nude Facesitting Fury


Jasmine the tanned goddess always comes prepared to dominate and destroy. Chadam was in for the suffering of his lifetime as Jasmine bares i […]

CMX1747 — Turning Purple!


The beautiful Mercedes graces us again with her sexy body and dominating skills. Chadam gets torn apart in this clip as he fights for air an […]

CPL85 — Christel VS Sonia


Sonia is having a bad day. One of those days where you just want to grab the first person who crosses you and take them down a peg. Get them […]

CMX1207 — The Great Breastsmother


Brittany is back using all her assets to destroy chadam in this clip. she caught on quick to many smothering techniques and can apply them e […]

CMX418 — Christel vs Chad


Christel vs Chad […]

CMX42 — Turning The Tables


Sarah is one attractive female, 5’5″ & 125 lbs., this girl has it all toned athletic body,power,and strength.But it doesnt stop there, Sarah […]

CPL71 — Angele vs Kim


In this match Angele decides to challenge Kim after seeing her match with her sister Christel. Angele thinking it was going to be easy for h […]

CMX1168 — Doesn


We finally convinced our very hot wrestler Monika to go topless and she does not dissappoint! Wow! Do we ever have a treat for our loyal fan […]