CMX12 — Schoolgirl Beatdown – MIXED MATCH


Schoolgirl Beatdown – MIXED MATCH (45 minutes)

This video is a very rough match with Stephanie vs a much smaller male opponent. In this video she is dressed in a very skimpy and sexy schoolgirl skirt, and a small tight white top, that ties in the front. Steph begins her humiliation right from the very get go of this video. during the match she grinds her butt into his face HARD, which drives it into the mat, she uses reverse facesitting, front facesitting, smothering techniques, breast smothering, she slaps him numerous times in the face,pins him down taunts him,drops her full weight onto his chest and face over and over till he almost passes out.. and so much more…..too much action to list it all here!!!! Watch this 5’9 sexy beauty tear it up on the mats!!!!!! This is an excellent match, and a complete show of supremacy for her!!!! She completely finishes this guy off!!!

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