CMX1787 — Nude Wrestling Tussle!


Nude Wrestling Tussle! (32 minutes)

The feisty and vicious Mel takes the mats this time completely in the buff. She wanted to humiliate Chadam in her own true and effective way. Mel throws Chadam around the mats like a ragdoll, smothers him with her tits, and plaves her bare ass and pussy all over his face. While Chadam gasped for air being smothered under Mel, she loved listening to him moan and fight making him tap her hard in order to be released, saying “not hard enough” as she gyrates her pussy all over his face. She also broke him down with some great wrestling moves, headlocks, lotus locks, full body presses, triangle chokes and more. By the end of this match Chadam was left gasping and wore out, not to mention completely humiliated!

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