CPL1653 — Sister’s Smothering Scuffle


Sister’s Smothering Scuffle (16 minutes)

Well Jasmine and Emma meet again on the mats to settle there differences. Emma was prepared to do whatever she had to in order to take Jasmine down after suffering her humiliating defeat from her sister in cpl-1652. Jasmine had other plans though and was not gonna go down without a good fight. Emma manages to get the upper hand on Jasmine and pins her down tight to the mats, making sure to use her height and weight to keep her there. Jasmine struggled beneath Emma but could not free herself from Emma’s superior holds and facesits. Jasmine was getting frustrated and finally manages to escape and return the favour. She gets Emma down and really smothers her, making Emma tap out numerous times. Emma almost breaks free, but with Jasmine’s lightning speed she found herself back down on the mats. After putting up a good fight Emma gets out from under Jasmine and as they struggle for position, Emma gets the upper hand for one last time. Making sure now that Jasmine does not go anywhere Emma uses her famous inescapable facesit pin crushing Jasmine’s head in her solid thighs, right until the very end where Emma grabs Jasmine by the hair, mounts her face pressing down hard sealing all of her air, and finally listening to the words she wants to hear. I give up, coming from a very angry and disappointed Jasmine’s mouth. This is a long clip, but well worth the price for watching these 2 in non stop heart pounding action.

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