CPL72 — Christel VS Kim – Basement Brawl


Christel VS Kim – Basement Brawl (30 minutes)

Christel stands 5’6 and weighs in at 135lbs. Well she was introduced to newcomer Kim 5’2 125lbs, who had no previous wrestling experience, so Christel as always thought this was gonna be an easy win for her. Wow she was wrong, so very wrong. This upbeat video was action packed from the word go. These girls locked up and the animosity was evident. Christel must have felt threatened in her position as Kim locked on some wicked holds that made Christel tap out, which not too many girls can do. Christel obviously felt threatened and stepped up the intensity, by returning the favour. Emotions ran wild here.It also seemed neither girl was going to give up no matter what painful hold they were put in, as their faces cringed from the pain of head and bodyscissors, choke pins,schoolgirl pins, armbars and many more. If fast paced action and a close call match is in the cards then this is your video!!!!!! Keep count of the submisions to find out who won!!

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