CPL71 — Angele vs Kim


In this match Angele decides to challenge Kim after seeing her match with her sister Christel. Angele thinking it was going to be easy for h […]

CPL657 — Sophy vs Angele, Take that Bitch!


Sophy challenged Angele to a match and thinks size doesnt matter. Angele agreed and what a match!! Sophy maintains her grounds and manages t […]

AF14 — 2 VS 1 Crotch Smother!


** Chad vs Melissa & Angele ** Chad got brave this match and takes on Sophy and Angele in this clip. He was able to hold his own for a bit u […]

CPL403 — Christel vs Angele


Christel, dressed in a green tank top and blue jeans, takes on Angele, dressed in a short black top and blue stretch pants. This competitive […]

CPL704 — Christel VS Angele


The cross-body pin. It […]

CPL705 — Christel VS Angele


This video features a RARE squashing of Christel at the hands of the baby-faced Angele. Christel finds herself mashed between two big meaty […]

AC03 — 3WAY Elimination Match


A 3-girl Elimination… Christel introduces us to Angele (dark auburn hair) vs Chantal (light chestnut). Angele uses her weight advantage to […]