CMX1207 — The Great Breastsmother


Brittany is back using all her assets to destroy chadam in this clip. she caught on quick to many smothering techniques and can apply them e […]

CPL1220 — 2 To Tango!


This is a truly must see for all fem vs fem fans. Stripped down to only their bare necessitiies, these two hellcats rip into each other wear […]

CMX1225 — Double Ass Kicking!


We think that chadam bit off more than he could chew this time. He decides to take on 2 goth tough chicks at once, he takes on Brittany, and […]

CMX1193 — Tough Tomboy!


Introducing new girl Brittany. This girl is almost a take off of Krystelle, except one thing. Much more brutal. Brittany grew up with 5 olde […]

CMX1200 — Brutal Brittany


Brittany has the killer body and looks men(and women) would kill for. In her skimpy white bikini, sexy tatoos, and supple muscles she is the […]

CMX1281 — Lethal headscissors


Brittany is quite known for her very lethal headscissors, not to mention her smothering techniques and ability. Well she really decided to p […]

CMX1206 — No mercy


Brittany shows no mercy here in this video. She loves to take control of the situation and inflict as much damage as possible and her poor m […]