CMX452 — How do u like that shit?


Michelle is a sexy wrestler with a flawless body and a love for sitting on a mans face. She spends most of the match on this poor guys face. […]

CMX418 — Christel vs Chad


Christel vs Chad […]

CMX42 — Turning The Tables


Sarah is one attractive female, 5’5″ & 125 lbs., this girl has it all toned athletic body,power,and strength.But it doesnt stop there, Sarah […]

CMX1006 — Grapple and Smother!


Melissa returns in top form here as she prepares to give Chad the ultimate battle. He has his hands full as she attacks him off the start us […]

CMX445 — My Jeans Your Face!


J-Lynn squares off against Chad in the great match. The match slightly goes back and fourth. Chad manages to get the upper hand a few times, […]

CMX502 — It’s Nap Time!


Cher is in top form as she takes on her next opponent..Or should we say victim? All her glorious moves are on full display here. She attacks […]

CMX1001 — No Prisoners!


Melissa takes no prisoners in this intense facesitting and smothering extravaganza. Dressed in nothing more than a tiny bikini bottom and sk […]

CMX477 — Cher vs Chad


Cher vs Chad […]

CMX463 — Cher vs Chad


Cher vs Chad […]

CMX564 — Brutal Smothering


Sophy has had more practice now and has become very confident, almost to the point of cockiness. She is able to whip Chad to the mats, apply […]

AF14 — 2 VS 1 Crotch Smother!


** Chad vs Melissa & Angele ** Chad got brave this match and takes on Sophy and Angele in this clip. He was able to hold his own for a bit u […]

CMX469 — Cher vs Chad


Cher vs Chad […]

AF20 — Extreme Beatdown


Introducing Monika!!! Monika looks incredibly sexy in her tight blue jeans as she humiliates poor Chad. Its not enough that she sits on top […]

CMX1005 — Say Bye-Bye in Blue Jeans


Say Bye-Bye in Blue Jeans starring Melissa and Chad. Melissa looks awfully hot in her tight blue jeans as she sets her sights on demolishing […]

CMX483 — Chad vs Cher


Cher vs Chad – Trample & Smother – Cher is a stunning toned girl with lots of strength and power. For such a small girl she can dish out the […]

CMX444 — Need Air?


Michelle is dressed in sexy white shorts and a white crop top. She tackles Chad and lays into him with brutal headscissors, wicked breastsmo […]

CMX468 — Cher vs Chad


Cher […]

CMX566 — Watching You Suffer!!


We chose the title of this one for you very carefully as indeed she does watch him suffer time and time again. In this watch sophy crush cha […]

CMX491 — Smothering Whirlwind!


We could not think of a better title for this one as the only way to describe Cher’s sheer agressiveness is nothing short of a whirlwind of […]

CMX423 — Danielle vs Chad


Danielle vs Chad […]

CMX517 — She’s the BOSS!


Cher […]

AF13 — Sky’s Sensual Seat


In this Sky series of smothering she is ready for tonnes of smothering dressed in her tiny red thong. She easily throws Chad down mounting h […]