CPL150 — Christel VS Danielle


What is the single most humiliating hold that can be used in female amateur wrestling? The reverse schoolgirl pin/facesit!! Christel, in tin […]

CPL703 — Christel vs (new) Mel


Do you want to see two hot, young girls go at it? Then this is for you!! Christel and Danielle give their all in this incredible match. Clad […]

CPL700 — Christel VS Danielle – JUDO OUTFIT MATCH


Christel and Danielle wear loose fitting judo gi […]

CMX301 — Chad vs Danielle – THONG SMOTHER MATCH!


This is a must see for fans of reverse facesitting and female domination (And if your not, you may be one after watching this one!). Daniell […]

CPL707 — Christel VS Danielle


What could possibly be more appealing in a female wrestling match than one girl getting caught in the most humiliating of holds? This video […]

CPL402 — Nat vs Danielle


Nat fights at a slight weight disadvantage in this 100% competitive match, but she […]

CPL405 — Christel vs Danielle


Christel and Danielle have a score to settle. After their reverse schoolgirl pin match (cpl150) a genuine grudge match ensues! These girls t […]

CPL702 — Christel VS Danielle


RESPECT!! Christel […]

CPL404 — Christel vs Danielle


You just GOTTA love these two cuties when they dress up in their shorty-shorts and face off on the mats to see who is the best wrestler! Chr […]

CPL701 — Christel VS Danielle


The facesitting queens, Christel and Danielle, are back with yet another amazing video! From the beginning countoff to the grappling for con […]

CMX423 — Danielle vs Chad


Danielle vs Chad […]