CPL650 — Winner Take ALL! Shortie VS Krystelle!


Both ladies are at their best in this winner take all brawl!! krystelle tries her best but very quicky gets overwhelmed by Shorties superior […]

CPL614 — Suffer Bitch!!


Krystelle challenged Cher to a match and both agreed and were looking forward to it. Krystelle was dressed a 2 pce bikini and Cher had on ti […]

CMX414 — Kystelle vs Chad


Krystelle is at her best in this one. Looking way to cute and sexy poor chad does not stand a chance. His pathetic attempts to pin her only […]

CPL655 — Domination Battle!!


Krystelle and J-Lynn have been itching to battle each other.The time has finally come. Both girls jump off quick vying for the upper hand. T […]

CMX536 — You’re Gonna Pay!


Krystelle is dressed in a sexy white 2 pce bikini, with lots of anger and frustration on her mind. This match is intense right from the get […]