CPL04 — Tag Team Affair


Melanie and Christel take on Natasha and Melissa in a no-holds-barred tag team wrestling match! These 4 combatants seem like week girls as t […]

CPL990 — Lovely Limbs – Melissa VS Sophy!


Soft, sexy, and shapely thighs await you in this amazing wrestling match! Melissa, in blue, goes up against Sophy, in pink, in what can only […]

CMX1006 — Grapple and Smother!


Melissa returns in top form here as she prepares to give Chad the ultimate battle. He has his hands full as she attacks him off the start us […]

CMX902 — Melissa the Mauler


Melissa gives her best perfomance yet as she tears into this poor guy with a determination that has to be seen to be believed. Melissa mauls […]

CM07 — Melissa VS Natasha


Ok guys, every school has them. Two girls who sort of stand out from the crowd, a really nice blond and a really pretty brunette. And every […]

CMX1001 — No Prisoners!


Melissa takes no prisoners in this intense facesitting and smothering extravaganza. Dressed in nothing more than a tiny bikini bottom and sk […]

AF19 — Melissa VS CHAD – Make Him Work!


Beautiful Melissa is in for the fight of her life. Chads on top of his game in this match and really takes it to her. Melissa can’t overpowe […]



Watch Melissa looking stunnning as always take apart helpless Chad in this battle of the sexes. Dressed in a hot 2 piece suit, her perfectly […]

AF14 — 2 VS 1 Crotch Smother!


** Chad vs Melissa & Angele ** Chad got brave this match and takes on Sophy and Angele in this clip. He was able to hold his own for a bit u […]

CMX1005 — Say Bye-Bye in Blue Jeans


Say Bye-Bye in Blue Jeans starring Melissa and Chad. Melissa looks awfully hot in her tight blue jeans as she sets her sights on demolishing […]

AF31 — Melissa’s Bikini Oil Match!


This video is the first oil match chad has ever done! this video features Melissa, shes blond, tanned, fit and smoking hot! Now check out wh […]

CMX575 — Melissa’s Destruction Video!


Be the first to witness Melissa’s first mixed clip ever since her long awaited return. If you know Melissa from back in the day, she was a s […]