CPL990 — Lovely Limbs – Melissa VS Sophy!


Soft, sexy, and shapely thighs await you in this amazing wrestling match! Melissa, in blue, goes up against Sophy, in pink, in what can only […]

CMX560 — Double The Trouble!!


Christel and Sophy both take on Chad in this clip. Each girl gets their turn to inflict pain and suffering, by taking turns smothering him p […]

CPL657 — Sophy vs Angele, Take that Bitch!


Sophy challenged Angele to a match and thinks size doesnt matter. Angele agreed and what a match!! Sophy maintains her grounds and manages t […]

CMX564 — Brutal Smothering


Sophy has had more practice now and has become very confident, almost to the point of cockiness. She is able to whip Chad to the mats, apply […]

CMX555 — New Girl on the block!


Boy do we have a fresh face (and body) for you! We proudly introduce Sophy and if this match is any indication, we truly have found a keeper […]

CMX566 — Watching You Suffer!!


We chose the title of this one for you very carefully as indeed she does watch him suffer time and time again. In this watch sophy crush cha […]