808 — GIA vs TARA The Big Showdown – Part 2

GIA vs TARA The Big Showdown – Part2 (16 minutes)

Gia has decided that it was time to have at Tara, and vice versa. Both girls were eager yet nervous to wrestle on another, but both will not back down from a match. Both girls are very sweet, but they can be devious on the mats. Gia packs alot of power and strength, and Tara packs some great skills and is not afraid to pour on the pain if she has to. Both these hellcats went toe to toe on the mat using all their strength and skills like facesits, scissors, presses, and many more. Lets say that neither girl wants to lose and it shows throughout this clip. We are lets say, eager for these two fine ass ladies to battle it out again. Gia stands almost 6’2 and Tara is close to 6 foot. Their weight is almost the same as well.

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