AC01 — 2 VS 1 Match – Sisters VS Cousin!

2 VS 1 Match – Sisters VS Cousin! (36 minutes)

This video is a masterpiece for competitive but uneven challenges in which one strong, athletic woman defends herself against two opponents at once. In the first segment christel wrestles Nat and Angel. christel is very strong and skilled but can she survive A larger opponent and one other at once? Can she succeed? One would think strength and skill would overcome being out numbered. The girls wrestling against christel have to think and work together in defeating christel but do they?. The action is back and fourth and at sometimes aggressive. Nat and Angel have to resort to almost cheat tactics to make christel submit. The ending is a treat to behold, as the loser(s) are laid out flat and the victor(s) poses over them/her with a great bicep flexing pose. Great action in this one!!

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