AC03 — 3WAY Elimination Match

3WAY Elimination Match (60 minutes)

A 3-girl Elimination… Christel introduces us to Angele (dark auburn hair) vs Chantal (light chestnut). Angele uses her weight advantage to push Chantal around, but Chantal is quick as a cat, and bucks and rolls out of one pin after another. She’s also got a killer scissors if Angele’s not careful! Extended crossbody, kneeling, schoolgirl and chest smother pins (Angele’s specialty), and determined struggling to get out from under them. And just because one girl’s on top most of the time doesn’t mean she’s going to win. If you like to see one girl fighting hard from the bottom and dramatic reversal submissions, look no further! Then it’s Chantal’s turn to take on club champ Christel. Again she’s fighting from the bottom, but will she have as much luck getting Christel off her as she did with Angele? Not if the champ can help it. Christel has may fine qualities, but mercy isn’t one of them. Several head squeezing, chest thumping pins to submission. And one reverse face sit just to show who’s boss. Finally is a brief set-to between Christel and Angele. Angele’s able to bulldoze Christel onto her back but it’s a tough job keeping her there. will she be able to do it?? find out!

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