AF-CX-006 Bested By a Beginner

AF-CX-006 Bested By a Beginner  Kathy is a complete newbie with zero experience in wrestling. She is a tomboy and has wrestled older siblings before, but never like this. She stands much taller than chadam, and outweighs him by a good 25 pounds. Being a beginner Kathy resorts to just tackling chadam to the mats and using her weight against him. With mostly tight schoolgirl pins and facesits, she uses that as her ammo against chadam to break him down.  for her very first mixed match, she performs rather well, not giving chadam much time between taps to catch his breath. Once she flips into reverse, she manages to secure a pretty good straight leg headscissor, and her thighs are quite strong. Judging by the pain in chadam’s face, he would agree. No matter how much chadam struggled, Kathy maintains her balance on top, keeping her smaller male victim at bay, and pinned flat on his back. With mostly forward pins and facesitting, chadam was weakened to the point he had no fight left. It was evident who won this match, one sided male domination was Kathy’s intentions and she proved with no wrestling skills she could still beat chadam.


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