AF-CX-013 Melody’s Sexually Seductive KO

AF-CX-013 Melody’s Sexually Seductive KO  Melody invites chadam into her bedroom after she set up a hidden camera. She motions him to lay on the bed, him not knowing what she has in store or planned. Things get heated rather quickly as Melody climbs on top of chadam and sits on his chest then neck. She tells him to grab her tits and start playing with them. Melody slaps him and tells him to it harder but for him to keep his voice down. Lifting up, she plants her pussy onto his face and starts to slowly gyrate on it. As the video progresses, so does the sexual aura in the room. Chadam starts to get more into turning Melody on, trying to hit her G-Spot with his nose while she gyrates on his face. Melody was getting turned on more and more, and takes her bra off. Chadam uses his finger and rubs it on her clit as well as his nose and with his other hand he grabs her tits. Melody was getting off so much by the end of the clip, she was in her own ecstatic world she actually forgot chadam was under her. As he was so involved in getting her off,  he had actually run out of air beneath her, and he goes out. Seeing that he was completely out now, Melody gets off him and whispers into his ear “by the way, you were being filmed”. This will be something that she will have for those lonely nights to watch.


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