AF-CX-016 Feebees Jiu Jitsu Lesson

AF-CX-016 Feebees Jiu Jitsu Lesson  Feebee is set to show chadam a thing or two when it comes to grappling and jiu jitsu. Don’t let her small stature and size fool you, this girl can really dish it out. She was prepared to show chadam just what she can do. Right from the start, she lunges at him, taking him to the mats as she begins to work him over. Her headscissors are dangerous, as you can see first hand how quickly chadam taps from them. She uses various armbars to control him, as she almost snaps his arm a few times. She clamps on kimura’s that have chadam yelping in pain, unable to escape. He did not want to move that much once she locked them on for fear of his arm coming out of the socket, or even breaking. She was just getting warmed up as she hammers on seated scissors combined with facesitting. Feebee’s reverse headscissors are so tight, his face went instantly red, almost going out a few times. she also uses a few other seated style chokes, her own creative style holds, very effective. She is able to roll him into a rear naked choke, as he hits panic mode tapping to prevent going out. Feebee was cleaning his clock, switching from hold to hold, and move to move, each move applied perfectly. Watch his face get buried in her ass in her reverse headscissor, getting her legs around his neck and applying stellar scissors. Feebee combines her jiu jitsu and grappling moves with facesitting, smothering the life out of him. Chadam was desperate for this video to end, with Feebe clearly showing off her newly acquired skills, leaving chadam beaten on the mats.


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