AF33 — Toni the Terror

Toni the Terror (16 minutes)

Toni goes at it 110% in this thrilling new video. Her dominance is something to behold as she mauls her male foe with a ferocity that is dificult to describe without seeing her in action. She tears into him with full frontal pins that have him trapped beneath that beautiful, young, atheletic bod of hers. She literally slaps his chest and legs that you can hear loudly on the video. The action is non-stop as she facesits him until he almost passes out! If this was not enough she has a wicked mouth on her, too. Toni verbally abuses him without mercy. She questions his manhood and toughness over and over as she rips apart his male ego for even getting in the ring with her. A must see for all Toni fans!!

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