802 — The Blond Dominator

The Blond Dominator (17 minutes)

Tara was rudely challenged one day by Sam when they were both here to do a shoot, so Tara arrogantly agreed to do it. Tara is taller but they are almost close in weight. Well when it came time to hit the mats, both girls were filled with aggression and it flew. One girl gets the jump off with a quick headlock breastsmother submission, and from there tempers went off. You can see the fierce action between these two as one girl starts losing badly. Tara starts to really take control of sam using non stop facesits both forward and reverse,leaving Sam gasping for air and in tears. Tara then begins her massive attacks on Sam breaking her down even more,literally to the point of unstoppable whimpering and cries of pain,as Sam is trapped in headscissors,facesits and more. Tara then decides to end the match once and for all and mounts Sam’s face for the final facesit tap out.

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