AF16 — 2 VS 1 – Make Him Suffer!

2 VS 1 – Make Him Suffer! (20 minutes)

Do you like seeing two young, luscious girls destroy a poor male victim? Dressed alike wearing tight red tops and skimpy pink shorts, they look so innocent but don’t let their looks fool you. They giggle like schoolgirls and they twist and turn his arms and legs in every position possible. He has to tap out several times for a chance to recover but this terrible twosome keeps the heat on as the onslaught gets more rough each round. They take turns applying neck, head, and body scizzors until his eyes look like their about to pop out of his head! How he does not pass out we have yet to figure out but he may need a week to recover.. The action is truly relentless throughout as the vixens show no mercy while attempting to turn him into a human pretzel. This is a must see!!

Categories: 3WAY Classic Videos

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