CMX1005 — Say Bye-Bye in Blue Jeans

Say Bye-Bye in Blue Jeans (13 minutes)

Say Bye-Bye in Blue Jeans starring Melissa and Chad. Melissa looks awfully hot in her tight blue jeans as she sets her sights on demolishing poor Chad. She uses every hold she can think of to make chad submit and beg for mercy. Melissa gives him a series of headlocks that cut off his air supply and he is forced to tap out. He tries with all his might to fight back but Melissa is to much woman for him. She gets on his chest and grabs his legs and bends them back, twisting him into a human pretzel! Melissa takes control of the match as she pins his arms and hands under her knees and he fights to get free but Melissa is determined to teach him a lesson he will never forget. Poor chad is a mass of quivering jelly by the end as Melissa cruelly giggles and waves goodbye to him!

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