CPL655 — Domination Battle!!

Domination Battle!! (38 minutes)

Krystelle and J-Lynn have been itching to battle each other.The time has finally come. Both girls jump off quick vying for the upper hand. They both use amazing tight body presses, breast smothering grapevines, breaking their opponent down. As the match progresses, both girls break into a glistening sweat, rolling around, trapping one another with cross legged SGP headscissors, painful grapevines, brutal SGP chokes, forward and reverse facesits. One girl decides to think its game over for the other and became over confident,and cocky, but slips up, and ends up in a world of pain, humiliation and is completely dominated. They also trash talk each other. This is the match you don’t want to miss!!!!! Will there a rematch between these 2? One girl definately wants revenge, and the other, well she wants to dominate again. Krystelle- height- 5’2″ weight: 115 lbs J-Lynn- height: 5’6 weight: 135 lbs

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