CM07 — Melissa VS Natasha

Melissa VS Natasha (52 minutes)

Ok guys, every school has them. Two girls who sort of stand out from the crowd, a really nice blond and a really pretty brunette. And every school has endless debates about who beats who in the looks department. And of course every girl wrestling fan in those schools has endless thoughts about who would beat who in a wrestling match. But those thoughts never come true, right? Well, not until this video. Pinch yourself, because blonde Melissa and brunette Natasha, equally sweet, equally skilled, equally strong, are going to wrestle right before your eyes! This may be a friendly ‘fight’, but it’s also very serious, as both girls seem to realize how well-matched they are, and neither wants to give her opponent an edge by not giving her all. From the second they collide midmat, you know it’s going to be a good one. Lots of long moments of equality as the girls bearhug on their knees and try to force one another over. Scissors, especially headscissors, of all sorts: steeple, bulldog, small package, figure four, single leg; from the front, side, back; upright and upside down. Pin attempts as well: full and cross body, gut sit and schoolgirl.Early on their not quite strong enough to squeeze out a submission, as they twist about in each other’s grasp and fight for an advantage. Many push offs and tackles as the girls exchange top spot. A schoolgirl into a matchbook pin earns one a point. Then a sweet side scissors leads to a tap out. From then on the choke scissor armbar stretch combo becomes the girls’ favorite finishing hold. With the match up for grabs, it’s nip and tuck, rough and tumble right down to the wire. But don’t worry, there is a winner, and that question you had in school about who would’ve won… will finally be answered!!!

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