CMX1007 — Mia The Marvelous

Mia The Marvelous (18 minutes)

Mia has a long and lean body to die for. She towers over her puny male foe and gives it to him right off the bat. She puts him in a series of strangle holds that he is powerless to get out of. Mia literally tries to choke the life out of him as she ignores his gasps for air. He has to tap out or take the risk of passing out (or worse). Mia is truly marvelous to watch in her skin tight two-piece. Her g-string shows underneath as she begins the ultimate in facesitting suffocation. She plants her tan butt on his face and completely devours his face. He struggles to get free but once she starts she cannot be denied. If your ready to see this raven haired beauty tear apart her male victim than this is one you absolutely have to add to your collection!

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