CMX1150 — Poor Little Rag Doll

Poor Little Rag Doll (17 minutes)

Monika will shake your foundations in this one as she is out to prove she is the ultimate punisher. Just in the first minute alone she graps her male foe and tosses him to the mat like a rag doll. What does she do next? Hops on his chest and strangles him with her hands! she does it all in this one. She pounces on his chest, sits “Indian Style”, and proceeds to strangle him with her legs in the very same position. If this was not enough she plants that beautiful ass of hers on his nose and mouth and proceeds to facsit him with all her might. and while giving him a series of brutal front and reverse facesits Monika then proceeds to grab him by the hair and slam his head into the mat. What a woman!!

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