CMX1193 — Tough Tomboy!

Tough Tomboy!

Introducing new girl Brittany. This girl is almost a take off of Krystelle, except one thing. Much more brutal. Brittany grew up with 5 older brothers and had to learn how to defend herself. Not to mention that she has had prior judo training. She tears into chadam with such speed and agility he had no idea what was coming. She places some amazingly tight SGP/facesits that crush his skull, and she is able to take control of him almost the entire match. Chadam was hurting in these holds as you can hear Brittany scream as she applies major force with each hold, until chadam’s bitter end when she rolls him into a forward fig four smothering headscissor that just about makes him go unconcious, forcing a quick tapout, and one sweet victory for Brittany!

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