CMX1225 — Double Ass Kicking!

Double Ass Kicking! (22 minutes)

We think that chadam bit off more than he could chew this time. He decides to take on 2 goth tough chicks at once, he takes on Brittany, and newcomer street fighter Melinda. Both girls are very rough and brutal with him, as each take turns smashing his face with their ass and crotches, smothering him until he almost passes out. Each girl laughs at his misfortune, as they continue to smother him more with breast smothers, reverse facesits, and they both sit on his face at once. Chadam struggled practically for his life, able to slightly escape for a brief moment only to find himself at the mercy of these torturous gothic hotties. When all is said and done, they both stand up Brittany kicks him and they both rub their feet all over his face humiliating him!

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