CMX1330 —  Cheeky Smothering!

 Cheeky Smothering!

Amazon Amanda returns wanting to inflict punishment upon Chadam. This match starts off quickly with Amanda trapping chadam in an awesome almost standing reverse headscissor, wrapping her lithe legs around his neck cutting off his air supply quickly. Chadam taps but Amanda was not about to release him as she held it alot longer making sure to wear him down faster. Chadam gets pummeled with numerous headscissors before amanda moves in and pins chadam tightly in a reverse facesit planting her tight ass firmly over his face with his nose shoved deep in her ass. Chadam struggles and each time he taps she ignores it, making him suffer almost to the point of passing out. Chadam manages and escape finally but is caught in her leggy grip, flipping him over doing a side saddle smother, then finishing him off with a great forward facesit, with him tapping out and her saying no way. Chadam was certainly deprived of alot of air, and stripped of his pride!

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