CMX1551 — Hot Pants Smothering!!

Hot Pants Smothering!! (21 minutes)

Shanya sets out to literally destroy chadam in this clip. she is dressed in super sexy Silver hotpants,which almost look as though they were painted on her superbly shaped body. Shanya wastes no time and jumps right at chadam from the get go, she struggles for a bit and gets trapped in chadam’s guard, which also makes her tap out, and makes her upset. From there she secures him to the mat with a great bodypress, then moves in for her ultimate moves. she pins his arms high above his head and begins smothering the life out of him. Listen as he gasps for air over and over, as she constantly facesits him. Shanya also changed it up throughout the match catching chadam in a forward smothering lotus lock, then switches it to a forward fig four smothering headscissor. Chadam is growing ever so weak due to lack of oxygen, heading towards the end of the match she wears him out even more with some great reverse facesits and ends this match, and him, with an amazing reverse hedscissor, leaving him battered on the mats!

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