CMX1600 — Angelic Amazon!

Angelic Amazon! (16 minutes)

Sweet and beloved Gia is back with her sparkling smile, tanned athletic body, who looks so innocent, yet she has a knack for dishing out pain and loving it. She is dressed in all white, accentuating her vibrant tan on her 6’2 stature making her look almost like an angel. A devlish angel that is. Gia pounding away on chadam beneath her as she smothers, facesits both forward and reverse making him choke on every breath, using her very muscualr legs to wrap around his head and squeeze the life out of him. As she inflicts this pain she enjoys every last minute watching and giggling at poor chadam under her awesome 220lb body. Watch and listen to the pain that is written all over his face. All great action in this clip from start to exhausting finish!

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