CMX1621 —  I’m Gonna Fuck You Up!!


 I’m Gonna Fuck You Up!! (17 minutes)

Shanya the sexy, powerful, and athletic facesitter is ready to tear chadam apart in all ways possible. Chadam actually gets the upper hand in the begining of the match, pinning and trapping Shanya. Shanya calmly and strategically makes her escape and takes out her frustrations now on chadam. She breaks him down with some ruthless facesitting, forward and reverse, she gets him inot a reverse facesit, shakes her ass all over his face, flips him off taunting his powerless position, tries to break his arm with a killer armbar, uses side straddle facesits, and more. She ends this clip by using a full weight reverse sumo squat facesit, making sure that all her weight was bearing down onto his face until he finally tapped out and was left gasping on the mats. This is one tough chick who just loves to dish out pain and punishment!

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