CMX1677 — Blond Bombshell Beating!

Blond Bombshell Beating! (20 minutes)

The sexy Shanya returns ready to dish out more than little Chadam can handle. This time she shows absolutely no mercy on him wanting him to remember this match. Chadam is put through some serious head popping scissors, that practically have him on the verge on being knocked out, forward and reverse facesits that make him literally gasp for air before he passes out. Shanya also threw in some of her own “smothering techniques”, almost inventing her own torturous style of abuse. Chadam managed to get Shanya down with some great SBP’s and a facesit of his own, but that only angered Shanya and at the end she secures his arms in a reverse armbar/grapevine, and pulls his face deep into her ass smothering him and not releasing him right away, making him beg to be released and that he gave up. This is one mean chick, sexy but mean!

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