CMX1701 — Tied and Humiliated!

Tied and Humiliated! (10 minutes)

 Our beauty Jasmine is featured in this hot clip. Jasmine seemed a little more upset than usual today and was looking for a good way to vent her frustrations. Well chadam just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jasmine dressed in her sexy hooters outfit was ready to dish out some serious punishment and to humiliate chadam. Jasmine lunges at chadam and fires him to the mats and was all over him. She quickly mounts his face, and to his surprise she pulled out 2 ropes and pinned his arms high above his head. As she facesat him she began tying his hands up so he could not fight back. Chadam was in a world of trouble now as she facesits him in lots of unique ways making him suffer beneath her. she pulled his shirt off and over his face, humiliating him with hand over mouth smothers, facesits and more. She inflicted tons of pain upon him, and ended his misery by putting him into her devastating headscissor crushing the life from him until he said she was the winner, which he was barely able to say as he almost passed out!

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