CMX1705 — Workout Beating!

Workout Beating! (17 minutes)

Jasmine was in the basement working out and Chadam had disturbed her. Well Jasmine didn’t take to this at all since she is an avid fitness buff, she deciede to show Chadam what working out can really do. Jasmine secures Chadam in an excrutiating guillotine choke that really worked him over. Chadam was already losing strength and starting to black out in this hold. As chadam was starting to escape, Jasmine locked on the headlock and threw him to his back. As she secured his arms to the mats under her shins, she proceeds to dish out some great schoogril pin chokes, facesits and hand over mouth smothering. She then locks his arms in a very awkward and painful position, leaving him very vulnerable to punishment. And thats exactly what chadam got. Emotions started running high and tempers got the best of both of them towards the end. Unfortunately for Chadam his energy just wasn’t enough for Jasmine’s stamina and temper, and he had to admit a very humilating defeat.

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