There?s a new definition for the word sexy?.it’s ?Christel?!!! Looking spectacular in a tiny bikini bottom, she gives the viewer a complete eyeful of her awesome body! But things don?t start off so well for our beauty as she gets a faceful of male crotch in the opening minutes of the match. Don?t worry though, she comes back strong and angry! Her opponent soon regrets his short lived domination as Christel plants her sexy bikini-covered bottom on his face for a long and painful revenge. She never allows the guy a chance to recover after his tap-outs and proceeds to smash him into the mat with her awesome butt! Submission after submission follows, with no breaks for the poor guy, as Christel puts him in reverse figure-four headscissor smothers, crossbody pins, leg scissors armbars, and hair pulling smothers. After finally allowing him a short breather our beauty plants her sexy crotch in his face and stares into the camera as if saying ?You?re next!? For PURE FEMALE DOMINATION, purchase this video!!

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