CMX42 — Turning The Tables


Turning The Tables (45 minutes)

Sarah is one attractive female, 5’5″ & 125 lbs., this girl has it all toned athletic body,power,and strength.But it doesnt stop there, Sarah is also tough, strong, and a great wrestler who is always determined to win. Too bad her opponent Chad, your average fit young guy, didnt realize this until it was too late for him. As the match began both competitors circled cautiously with Sarah looking cute in a white tank top and blue jeans. Soon enough the battle was truly underway with Sarah dishing out painful headlocks,crushing head scissors, and an onslaught of smothering. but chad is pretty tough himself and fights hard to try to get the upper hand. If you are a fan of barefoot and blue jeans this is your tape!!! lots of great front and reverse face pins that will leave You breathless. One match not too forget.

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