CMX467 — Ready, Set, Smother!!

Ready, Set, Smother!! (40 minutes)

Who says blondes have more fun? Well, in this case they do!! Dressed in tiny panties and top this hot blonde goddess tears into her male foe with no mercy! She is truly systematic in her destruction. First, she weakens him with neck and body scizzors that are so fun to watch. Witness her strangle the very breath and energy out of him. Next, he has to endure some cross-body pins and smothers that flatten him like a pancake! Lastly, she puts that delectable rump of hers right on his face and rides it to her hearts content. He is a gamer and actually tries to pin her a few times. However, it totally backfires as this only makes her more agressive in her attack. This is one blonde you have to see!

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