CMX468 — Cher vs Chad

Cher vs Chad (35 minutes)

Cher….She’s got legs, and she knows how to use them! Sexy and hot, dressed in a revealing orange outfit, Cher is a sight to behold. Her legs are smooth and shapely yet possess a power that can bring instant pain to anyone who is unfortunate enough to get trapped between them. And Chad finds this out immediately when they come to grips! Probably one of the fastest first round submissions is seen when Cher wraps her thighs around poor Chad and locks his head with her arms. But this is a true competitive match and you’ll actually see little Cher tap out when Chad sits on her head and twists her arm behind her back! Don’t worry though, Cher spends the majority of this match seated firmly on her opponent’s face in our favorite hold and punishes him with several cobra-like leg scissors on both his body and his head. If you like lots of bare-legged scissors, tight schoolgirl pins, and smothering face sitting then order this video!

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