CMX483 — Chad vs Cher: Trample & Smother

Chad vs Cher (40 minutes)

Cher is a stunning toned girl with lots of strength and power. For such a small girl she can dish out the pain. She manhandles Chad and does it with ease as she pins him, smothering him into submission over and over. She locks him up into some good reverse facesits that leave him struggling for his life literally!!! He taps out over and over, but in this match she can still trap him in that hold to make him suffer the ultimate punishment. Watch his face turn beat red, listen to him moan in pain as she enjoys her rampage of smothering… Her final moments at the end are posing over him, trampling for a short period, and taunting him profusely. A great match from start to finish…this video will literally leave you breathless!!!!

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