CPL403 — Christel vs Angele

Christel vs Angele (35 minutes)

Christel, dressed in a green tank top and blue jeans, takes on Angele, dressed in a short black top and blue stretch pants. This competitive face sitting match is filled with those wonderful views of scrunched up faces peering helplessly from between powerful thighs. The match is a give-and-take affair with both girls getting their share of submissions. Angele has the type of body that is hard to unseat once she?s sitting full force on her opponent?s neck, but Christel isn?t a newcomer to wrestling. She escapes from Angele?s thick thighs time and time again by using her legs and spectacular bridging techniques. You?ll actually find yourself cheering her on as she muscles out of her position on bottom to mount her opponent. But Angele also dishes out some serious punishment to Christel when she gets her legs up over her head and literally bends the poor girl in half while sitting on her. This video has plenty of close-up views of the breathless face sitting submissions that we?ve all grown to appreciate here at AFwrestling.com!

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