CPL404 — Christel vs Danielle

Christel vs Danielle (35 minutes)

You just GOTTA love these two cuties when they dress up in their shorty-shorts and face off on the mats to see who is the best wrestler! Christel is smokin’ in her tiny white shorts and Betty Boop T-shirt while Danielle looks like the sweet but sexy girl next door in her matching blue outfit. If you saw these bare thighs walking down the street you’d think…hmmm, she’s cute! But when you see these thighs smashing another gal’s face in pure wrestling action you’ll go nuts!! Christel and Danielle are building quite a collection of grudge matches on this site and this is definitely one of the sexiest! Christel knows how to apply maximum pressure to a school girl pin and brings plenty of grunts and groans from her opponent. But Danielle isn’t a slouch when it comes to long, lingering pins, weakening her opponent until the inevitable smother submission. The final pin/submission in this video is so spectacular that it leaves both the loser and YOU breathless!

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