CPL600 — Cher vs Jlynn


Cher vs Jlynn (37 minutes)

Have you ever imagined the two cutest cheerleaders at your high school pitted against each other in a wrestling match? Then sit back and enjoy this spectacular schoolgirl pin match between brunette Cher and blond JLynn! These teen cheerleader-type lovelies engage in a hard fought match that features each girl being caught in several humiliating necksitting maneuvers. There is also plenty of straight out grappling with bodies rolling all over the mat and a few choke-out submissions that bring desperate tapping! You’ll love seeing the cute little faces of Cher and JLynn sticking out between each others bare legs as they huff and puff in exhaustion from their futile attempts to escape from being sat on! These two young beauties will be an excellent addition to your collection of schoolgirl pin videos so buy this video now!

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