CPL608 — SAY MY NAME BITCH! Cher vs JLynn!

SAY MY NAME BITCH! Cher vs JLynn! (40 minutes)

Are you ready for our hottest girl on girl action filmed to date? If you are this is the one you have been waiting for! Both want to make the other suffer and employ every hold they know to gain a competitive edge. We let the girls go as they use choke holds, arm bars, and school boy pins to wear the other one out. Both cher and J-lynn have been in training and don’t give in or give up easily. Watch their faces totally disappear under their tight, young butts as they both try to facesit each other into unconsciousness. Finally, a winner emerges and boy does she abuse her victim as she bounces on her face and demands that she says her name. Wow! What a finish!!

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