CPL622 — Cher VS JLynn

Cher VS JLynn (35 minutes)

J-Lynn and Cher face off for what we think may be there last match. These 2 had a beef to settle in real life they had quite the battle, and it was hard to get them both in the same room to do this shoot. Each girl gets wildly vicious, then the hairpulling starts. This match turns into a full blown catfight match, trapping each other in excrutiating holds such as forward/reverse facesits,headscissors,armbars, and during the match they would facesit each other and one would tap,and the other would not get off and almost makes her opponent pass out!!! The intensity grows more fierce as the name calling starts, tempers start flaring and the nails come out!!! If you are a fan of catfight facesitting, trash talk, and more then you HAVE to grab this ultimate match!!!!!!find out who faired out and who was left lying in severe pain!!

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