CPL657 — Sophy vs Angele, Take that Bitch!


Sophy vs Angele, Take that Bitch! (32 minutes)

Sophy challenged Angele to a match and thinks size doesnt matter. Angele agreed and what a match!! Sophy maintains her grounds and manages to toss around Angele. Well Angele wasnt going to give in so easy and fought back, but Sophy held her down in long schoolgirl pins, chokes, and facesits breaking Angele down. Sophy then used bone crushing fig four and regular headscissors to fully weaken Angele to the point of no return. Watch as one girl sees her fate coming and tries very hard not to tap out one last time as shes trapped helplessly beneath the other unable to escape the others tight facesit pin, ending the match with one girl walking away the proud winner.

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