CPL704 — Christel VS Angele

Christel VS Angele (35 minutes)

The cross-body pin. It?s usually used as an effective way to pin your opponent after you?ve weakened them enough to stretch their arms out and gain the victory. But it?s EXTREMELY difficult to apply this hold when your opponent is full of strength and able to fight back. And it?s even HARDER to use this move as a submission hold to get a tap out! But it’s a sweet hold…. arms outstretched, one trapped between a pair of fleshy thighs and one held tight by the dominant woman’s hands. The face of the trapped woman smashed tight into a beautiful curvy waist while her upper body is literally buried under her opponent’s weight.
Christel and Angele participate in a hard fought match that features the beauty of the cross-body pin. Tiny shorts exposing creamy thighs, cut-off shirts exposing shapely waists, and two lovely women going all-out to mash their opponent to the mat with the power of their bodies. This is not your average ?rolling around? type of match. These gals are really fighting! They go at it so hard that there are pained screams of agony when one girl gets hurt twice! The tap-outs alone are worth the price of this video as each girl is forced to slap at her foe?s body several times throughout the match. And on top of it all this match includes some of your favorite tight schoolgirl pins, breast smothers, and nasty choke holds. If you love raw aggression between two voluptuous babes then this video MUST be added to your collection!

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