CPL706 — Christel vs Mel

Christel vs Mel (45 minutes)

Christel…. The jobber? This schoolgirl pins match features our fav blond beauty, Christel going up against Mel, a rather lighter dark haired babe. Christel finds herself on her back for much of this match as Mel demonstrates her speed and agility in amateur wrestling. You’ll love seeing Christel’s taught tummy pulsating up and down as she breathes heavily in her efforts to unseat her foe. Mel, obviously new at the game of bringing a submission from a schoolgirl pin, can’t seem to get Christel to submit and finally finds herself losing round one under the veteran’s round thighs (and suffocating face sitting). Mel is a quick learner and goes back to her original use of speed and agility and brings several submissions from Christel using what she learned from the blond beauty! Don’t miss this awesome video!

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