CPL71 — Angele vs Kim


Angele vs Kim (37 minutes)

In this match Angele decides to challenge Kim after seeing her match with her sister Christel. Angele thinking it was going to be easy for her because of the weight difference (angele stands 5’3 weighs 145lbs). They both start out and Kim is extremely strong as seen in other videos, plus Kim is quick which gives her an advantage. Kim wiped Angele all over the mats tying Angele up in some great holds, headscissors, and unbelievable strong schoolgirlpin choke outs. Fall after fall Kim tired out Angele from her speed and aggression, plus her brutal onslaught of moves. Angele didnt get one chance to make Kim submit in this one-sided video. Kim’s short term time here will always have a long term impact on these girls.

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