CPL85 — Christel VS Sonia


Christel VS Sonia (42 minutes)

Sonia is having a bad day. One of those days where you just want to grab the first person who crosses you and take them down a peg. Get them on the ground and bend and squeeze and make them beg for mercy. She really needs to beat somebody up. Luckily for us, Christel is having a bad day too. When they bump into each other in the spare room, neither girl’s in much of a mood to just walk away. Button noses sneer, lips snarl, and before you know it there’s a blond & brunette struggling on the carpet. Slow grinding wrestling as the girls work out their frustrations. Lots of sitting pins and scissors, headlocks and rolling around. Hardly a word as the opponents search each other’s eyes for signs of suffering. No better cure for a bad day than making some other girl miserable, right ladies? One girl starts to pour it on and even wraps her hands around the other’s throat to let her know who’s in charge! Then a foot on the stomach victory pose as someone’s definitely feeling a lot better about herself. But it ain’t over. The loser wants revenge so they change out of their jeans into gym shorts, tops, and socks and go at it again. Some great grapevining and muscle pins as the girls try to squash each other into the rug. Waist and neck scissors, schoolgirl and bodypress pindowns as well. Sonia has really gained a lot of strength since she started out with us and you’ll be amazed how well she’s now able to battle tough Christel. Will one girl dominate, or will revenge be sweet? Another muscle pose and we have our answer. Two pretty girls, one bad day: see who takes out her frustrations on whom before the day is out.

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